Written by Suzie Miller. Directed by Linda Lorenza.   

24th July to 15th August.

By arrangement with RGM.

In the countdown to Christmas the disappearance of a young girl rocks a small town community instigating a chain of events that will alter the lives of everyone involved. For Simon, the world he has built here was a second chance; though still ridden with guilt, in the eyes of the law he has paid for his mistake. Given a new identity, new history and a single confidante, he has successfully buried the truth of his past; even from Jessica, the woman he loves. Will events force Simon to face his past and does the community have the right to know his true identity?

Suggested rating – MA – 15 +

Please note there is some course language and adult themes.


Simon                    Gus Lamas
Jessica                   Hayley Watkins
Camille                  Melanie Robinson
Lachlan                 Jon Goodsell
Andy                     SJ Hepworth 


Director – Linda Lorenza
Production Manager – Megan Hipwell
Stage Manager – Jo Tietz
Lighting Design – Bruce Liebau & Mehran Mortezaei
Sound Design – Luke Wallyn
Set Design – Linda Lorenza
Head of Set Construction – Luke Wallyn
Technical Crew –  Bruce Liebau, Mehran Mortezaei, Luke Wallyn. Wal Moore, Julie Moore
Rehearsal Prompt – Lynne Montague and Phil Lye
Front of House Manager – Janelle Lye
Box Office – Vic Brown
Publicity – Maria Andrews
Program – One Creative
Photos –  Wal Moore (Flashmoore)