Over The Moon and Far Away

Written and Directed by Carla Moore.   

6th to 28th November

By arrangement with www.phoenixeduc.com

In 1942, when war came to the region, the expat women of South East Asia had no skills other than their ability to socialize. During three and a half years of deprivation and incarceration, these women became innovative survivors keeping their husbands’ children safe; women who looked at the moon every night and dreamed of freedom. Through the eyes of 14 year old Emelia, we experience the life of Australian nurses, English and Dutch expats and local Indonesian women in a Japanese POW camp in Java during World War II. Through her experiences and interactions, Emelia learns not just about survival, but about the human spirit, love, friendship and religion, and what it means to be a woman.

Suggested rating – PG

Performance dates:

Friday 6 November, 8pm
Saturday 7 November, 5pm
Sunday 8 November, 5pm
Wednesday 11 November, 8pm
Friday 13 November, 8pm
Saturday 14 November, 8pm
Sunday 15 November, 5pm
Friday 20 November, 8pm
Saturday 21 November, 8pm
Sunday 22 November, 5pm
Wednesday 25 November, 8pm
Friday 27 November, 8pm
Saturday 28 November, 8pm

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