Written by Noel Coward
Directed by Cate Cunningham

Tuesday 4th & Thursday 6th May, 7.30pm – 10.00pm

Blithe Spirit is described as ‘An Improbable Farce’.  This play is about the chaos that arises when the ghost of Charles Condomine’s former wife, Elvira, appears after a séance that he organises in his house.  Charles can see and hear the ghost but no-one else can.The play is beautifully written in typical Noël Coward style with his subtle but biting social comment on the English wealthy classes.  Some lines are particularly relevant today.


ELVIRA  –  the ghost of Charles Condomine’s first wife.  20-30.  Actors with experience in physical theatre or dance preferred.
DR BRADMAN & MRS BRADMAN  –  mature age
MADAM ARCATI  –  an eccentric woman, ageless
EDITH  –  an awkward cockney maida young woman

The play has 7 larger than life characters, 2 men and 5 women, of various ages.  Edith the cockney maid is relatively young, Dr and Mrs Bradman are mature aged, Charles could be anywhere between 40 and 55 Ruth, Charles’ current wife can be between 30 and 45 and Elvira can be 20s to 30s.  For Elvira an actress will be needed who is up for physical challenges and will need a dance, movement or physical theatre background.  Madame Arcati, the medium, is a very eccentric character and the actress needs to be prepared for frantic movement as well as trances and falling on the floor.  She is ageless.  The characters need upper-class English accents, Edith has a cockney accent and Madame Arcati can have an unusual accent.

Wednesday 28th July – Saturday 21st August:

28/7 (Preview), 30/7 (Opening), 31/7*, 1/8*, 4/8, 6/8, 7/8, 8/8*, 11/8, 13/8, 14/8*, 15/8*, 18/8, 20/8, 21/8
*Performances as marked are at 5pm, all others are at 8pm.
Cast required 1 hour prior.

At Theatre on Chester Cnr. Chester and Oxford Streets, Epping

Rehearsals are held at Theatre on Chester
All Tuesdays and Thursdays 7pm plus additional rehearsals in the weeks before opening. A full rehearsal schedule will be given at the first reading.

Auditions will be approximately 10 – 15 minutes each. Actors will audition for each part singly. Memorising the script for the audition is not needed, but please be familiar with your character and the appropriate scenes. Audition scenes and script excerpts will be sent on booking.

Please advise us at the auditions if you have any prior commitments for rehearsal dates.


The Theatre on Chester is at the corner of Chester and Oxford Streets, Epping. The theatre is located in the Epping Uniting Church hall, please enter next to the church. The theatre is 5 minutes’ walk from Epping station and street parking outside the theatre is generally easy. Auditions and all rehearsals are held at the theatre.

Audition Times – please let us know your preference for an audition day and time when you book. If you have no preference, please let us know as this helps with timetabling.

Bring to the audition – Your CV, head shot, script and application form in hard copy.

Payment – The Theatre on Chester is a community theatre and as such none of the cast or crew are paid. You will however be rewarded with tea, coffee, biscuits, the occasional pizza and lots of rapturous applause!

Membership of the Theatre on Chester – Actors who are cast for the production will need to be members of the Theatre on Chester, $10 for a year.

Other commitments – Set building for the production will be on Saturday mornings from 9.00am – 1.00pm. It is appreciated if cast members can give a few Saturdays to help with the set. On performance nights, cast members please stay for 5-10 minutes after the show to help the stage manager close up and the FOH team to pack chairs etc. Many hands make light work and then we can all get away at a reasonable time. The Tuesday evening following the final performance is set beak down, help from the cast is appreciated.

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