The Women

Written by Clare Boothe Luce.Directed by Joy Sweeney. 

8 to 30 November 2013

By arrangement with Hall Leonard.

Mary Haines learns from a gossipy manicurist that her husband, Stephen, is having an affair with a shop-girl named Crystal, thus ending her marriage. So begins Clare Boothe Luce’s social satire The Women, which was a smash hit when first performed on Broadway in 1936 and has enjoyed several revival productions during the 1970s and 1990s. The play is set in the world of high society Manhattan, in a time when women’s lives revolved around their efforts to look beautiful to obtain and hold on to wealthy husbands.


Mary – Nicole Williams
Sylvia – Deirdre Lee
Crystal – Tara Jay
Little Mary – Olivia McNamara
Edith – Sarah Purdue
Peggy/Miss Timerback – Megan Hipwell
Mrs Morehead – Ros Bilbe
Countess/Maggie – Jan Oxenbould
Miriam/Miss Watts – Kate Westerway
Olga/1st Saleswoman/1st Woman – Denise Simons
Nancy/Exercise Instructor – Carla Moore
Jane/Pedicurist/Model/Helene/1st Girl – Josephine Parsons
Hairdresser/Nurse/2nd Girl/2nd Saleswoman – Liz Prudum


Director – Joy Sweeney
Production Manager – Luke Wallyn
Stage Manager – Tim Swinn
Lighting Design – Wal Moore
Props – Mary Bentley
Lighting Design – Bruce Liebau
Sound Design – Tegan Nicholls
Set Design – Joy Sweeney
Costume Design – Joy Sweeney
Head of Set Construction – Luke Wallyn
Technical Crew – Wal Moore, Luke Wallyn, Tegan Nicholls, Bruce Liebau
Front of House Manager – Janelle Lye
Box Office Manager – Joan Rodd
Publicity – Maria Andrews
Programme – OneCreative
Photos – Wal Moore (Flashmoore) –