Written by Dianne Samuels. Directed by Carla Moore.

26 July to 17 August 2013

By arrangement with Dominie Drama.

In the nine months preceding the outbreak of World War II, 10,000 children waved good-bye to their parents. All hoped it would be a brief separation. For most it was a final farewell. Eva was one of these children. Sixty years later, her daughter Faith, rummaging through the family attic, discovers a strongbox filled with letters and documents and this discovery which unravels the truth about her mother’s past becomes the core of this remarkable and beautiful play.


Evelyn – Catherine Potter
Faith – Adriane White
Eva – Catherine McNamara
Helga – Julie Moore
Old Lil – Jan Johnson
Officer/Organiser/Postman/Guard – Troy Cheney
Young Lil – Paula Searle


Director – Carla Moore
Production Manager – Tegan Nicholls
Stage Manager / Props – Jo Tietz
Lighting Design – Wal Moore
Sound Design / Composer – Tegan Nicholls
Multimedia – Mike Brew, Luke Wallyn, Tegan Nicholls
Set Design – Carla Moore
Head of Set Construction – Luke Wallyn
Technical Crew – Wal Moore, Luke Wallyn, Mike Brew, Tegan Nicholls, Bruce Liebau
Front of House Manager – Janelle Lye, Errol Henderson
Box Office Manager – Joan Rodd
Publicity – Maria Andrews
Programme – OneCreative
Photos – Wal Moore (Flashmoore) –