Money and Friends

Written by David Williamson. Directed by Linda Lorenza.  

7 to 29 November 2014

By arrangement with Currency Press.

Peter, a professor of pure mathematics who embodies niceness itself, weekends at Crystal Inlet as do most of his friends. Peter is in financial trouble because of his brother’s bankruptcy and his neighbour Margaret decides to seek help from his friends who spend much of their time boasting about their wealth. But while his friends happily take advantage of Peter’s good nature in their own hour of need, how willing will they be to help him in his?

Performance dates:
Friday 7 November, 8pm
Saturday 8 November, 5pm
Sunday 9 November, 5pm
Wednesday 12 November, 8pm
Friday 14 November, 8pm
Saturday 15 November, 8pm
Sunday 16 November, 5pm
Friday 21 November, 8pm
Saturday 22 November, 8pm
Sunday 23 November, 5pm
Wednesday 26 November, 8pm
Friday 28 November, 8pm
Saturday 29 November, 8pm

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