Love Song

Written by John Kolvenbach. Directed by Kenney Ogilvie.

13 April to 5 May 2012

Love Song is a wistful comedy full of witty, naturalistic dialogue. It moves between Beane, a seemingly depressive recluse and his sister and her husband, Joan and Harry, who try to help him amidst their busy lives. Beane comes home to find a female thief in his apartment. Beane’s world is transformed by his contact with her and the consequent blossoming of his personality ripples into other people’s lives.
“a smart, whimsical and offbeat, bittersweet comedy”– (London Review)

Beane – Robert Rosini
Joan – Julie Moore
Harry – Michael J Faustmann
Molly/Waitress – Cara Dibdin
Musician – Leon Spencer

Director – Kenney Ogilvie
Stage Manager – Jo Tietz
Production Manager – Megan Hipwell
Lighting Design – Wal Moore, Bruce Liebau
Sound Design – Tegan Nicholls
Composer – Leon Spencer
Technical Crew – Mike Brew, Bruce Liebau, Tegan Nicholls, Luke Wallyn, Wal Moore
Set Design – Kenney Ogilvie
Head of Construction – Luke Wallyn
Front of House Manager – Joan Rodd
Program – OneCreative
Photos – Wal Moore (Flashmoore)

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