Daylight Saving


21st April – 13th May
By Nick Enright
Performance rights for Daylight Saving exclusively licenced by H.L.A Management Pty Ltd.
Felicity has it all; a successful Sydney restaurant, a home with water views and a handsome jet setting husband. But with the sudden visit by an old flame, infidelity could be on the cards. Felicity’s plans for a candle-lit reunion go awry when a string of unexpected visitors drop by. Written by one of Australia’s much loved playwrights, Nick Enright, Daylight Saving is a deliciously fast-paced comedy about love, loneliness, food and friendship.

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Felicity – Laura Tate
Bunty – Joan Rodd
Stephanie – Rachel Bevan
Tom – Daniel Boole
Josh – Jayden Shelly
Jason – Kurt McCarthy