2018 Season

This year we are proud to present ANOTHER ROUND of three Australian plays, about a fictional famous painter, a fictional shock jock and an imaginary interpretation of a real politician.


6-28 April
by Debra Oswald
Directed by Kaye Lopez
Leo Bailey has lived a large, selfish, womanising life, squandering his money and fame. He has found himself with few friends to speak of, and even fewer family members to speak to and living in poor health, ill temper, and under sufferance from his daughter Margo, whom he treats abominably. Things start to turn when Therese, a young woman with a chequered past, is hired as his carer and a local carpenter, Karl, also adds some mending of his own.


20 July – 11 August
by David Williamson
Directed by Sher Kearney
Ziggi Blasko calls himself the merchant of the truth on commercial radio “because this country wants to hear what I’ve got to say”. A satirical comedy, the play revolves around the failings, foibles, whims and double standards of Shock Jock Ziggi Blasko and his totally dysfunctional family of diverse characters. Paradoxes and ironies abound as Ziggi’s public and private lives collide.


2-24 November
by Carla Moore
Directed by Carla Moore
An historical drama set in Melbourne at the time of Federation deals with Australia’s most paradoxical three times Prime Minister, Alfred Deakin. Humble, riddled with self doubt and a sense of his unworthiness, Deakin sought answers in spiritualism and world religions. Set against his domestic family life of six women, this imaginary interpretation of Deakin’s last years is intriguing, surprising and deals with the issues that still confounds us today.