Things I Know to be True

By Andrew Bovell
Directed by Kaye Lopez
Exclusively licensed by HLA Management Pty Ltd

One year in the life of an Australian family as they discover the sweet pain of finding out the truth about each other and themselves. Bob and Fran Price have been married for 30 years, brought up four children and kept their sense of humour. Their eldest is married with children of her own, the boys are successfully pursuing careers and their youngest has just left home to backpack around Europe for a year. It should be time to stop and smell Bob’s precious roses. But just when things should be slowing down, it becomes clear that a parent’s work is never really complete. Funny and poignant, Things I Know to be True is a beautifully crafted play from award winning Australian playwright Andrew Bovell.


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Blithe Spirit

By Noel Coward
Directed by Cate Cunningham
By Special Arrangement with ORiGiN Theatrical

Charles Condomine a popular novelist, lives a simple country life with his second wife, Ruth. Searching for inspiration for his newest novel, they invite Madame Arcati and their closest friends, round for a séance. Instead of conjuring up a random ghoul for the night however, Madame Arcati manages to accidentally bring back Charles’ first wife Elvira, who died seven years previously of a heart attack while laughing at a BBC
Light Program on the radio. Elvira attempts to disrupt his marriage to Ruth, who cannot see or hear the ghost. Exploring themes of deception, love, loyalty, and the complex legacy of past relationships, Blithe Spirit is one of Coward’s most acclaimed plays.


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In Duty Bound

By Ron Eisha
Directed by Carla Moore
By Special Arrangement with Smith and Jones Management

Australia 1969 and the sabbath in the Berkowicz household when the extended family gathers joyously for the occasion. Good humour and high spirits prevail around the dinner table but their youngest son has news to impart that will blow this homey scene wide open. At the centre of this family confrontation is Christine, an outsider, a Gentile. Ron Elisha is a world renowned playwright of numerous productions, and a Winner of four Australian Writers’ Guild Awards. In Duty Bound is a funny, thought-provoking and totally absorbing play exploring the dynamics of family and faith.


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