It Just Stopped

Written by Stephen Sewell. Directed by Linda Lorenza.

12 April to 4 May 2013.

By arrangement with Stephen Sewell.

Franklin a music critic and Beth a radio producer, live in an avant-garde high rise apartment and wake up one morning to find that there is no power, no telephone connections, no water and are trapped 47 floors up with no elevator, no communications and have no idea what is happening in the wider world. Is it some kind of end-ofthe-world disaster? Things take a surreal turn with the arrival of the upstairs neighbours, billionaire Bill and his wife, Pearl.

Franklin – Andy Madden
Beth – Miranda Drake
Bill – Phil Lye
Pearl – Margaret Olive

Director – Linda Lorenza
Production Manager – Megan Hipwell
Stage Manager – Lucinda Vitek
Lighting Design- Wal Moore
Sound Design – Luke Wallyn, Mike Brew
Set Design – Luke Wallyn
Head of Set Construction – Luke Wallyn
Special Props – Mary Bentley
Technical Crew – Wal Moore, Luke Wallyn, Mike Brew, Tegan Nicholls, Bruce Liebau
Front of House Manager – Janelle Lye
Program – OneCreative
Photos – Wal Moore (Flashmoore) –

The Servant of Two Masters

Written by Carlo Goldini, re-written by Ron Blair and Nick Enright. Directed by Carla Moore.

9 November to 1 December 2012

Goldoni is made grouse in this colourful and riotous comic masterpiece. Truffaldino doesn’t really think through the problems inherent in having two bosses – especially when they’re unaware of each other’s presence and desperate to get back into each other’s pants. Our hero reckons he’s found a way of increasing his coin and food income on his labour. Or, as he puts it: “two masters, two wages, two dinners – too right!”
“An explosion of good-natured bawdiness and physical comedy – sort of commedia dell Oz.” – Stephen Dunne. SMH 2003.

Pantalone – Ian Boland
Clarice – Emily Sowden
Silvio – Ashley Macdougall
Dottore – Warren Blood
Smeraldina – Julie Moore
Brighella – Melanie Robinson
Truffaldino – Alan Chambers
Beatrice – Hayley Watkins
Florindo – Benjamin Vickers
Pulcinella – Brenton Aimes

Director – Carla Moore
Stage Manager – Jo Teitz
Costume Design – Joy Sweeney
Lighting Design – Wal Moore & Bruce Liebau
Sound Design – Tegan Nicholls
Set Design – Carla Moore
Head of Set Construction – Luke Wallyn
Technical Crew – Mike Brew, Bruce Liebau, Wal Moore, Tegan Nicholls, Luke Wallyn & Peter Wu.
Front of House Manager – Janelle Lye
Programme – One Creative
Photos – Wal Moore (Flashmoore)

Cast and Crew Photos

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The Philadelphia Story

Written by Philip Barry. Directed by Joy Sweeney.

27 July to 18 August 2012

After getting a divorce from C.K. Dexter Haven, Tracy Lord prepares to marry again… however, in the days before her wedding, Haven and a reporter, posing as her brother’s friend, show up at her doorstep. From there, Tracy is forced to choose among her past love, her present love and her new love. Amidst the situation comedy, and fast-paced dialogue, Barry explores several contemporary social issues, such as society’s perception of class differences in America and attitudes towards adultery and divorce in the 1930’s.
“one of the smartest comedies ever written” – Christopher Null. The Review.

Tracey Lord – Nicole Brennan
Dinah Lord – Sophie Heath
Margaret Lord – Barbara Hannon
Sandy Lord – Levi Gardner
Uncle Willie – Phil  Lye
Liz Imbrie – Janina Hamelok
Mike Connor – Scott Clare
George Kittridge – Murray Dwyer
Dexter Haven – Kevin Potter
Seth Lord – Tom Sweeney
Thomas – Troy Cheney
Elsie – Fiona Harsanyi

Director – Joy Sweeney
Production Manager – Luke Wallyn
Stage Manager – Tim Swinn
Lighting Design – Bruce Liebau, Wal Moore
Sound Design – Mike Brew
Set Design – Joy Sweeney
Head of Set Construction – Luke Wallyn
Technical Crew – Mike Brew, Bruce Liebau, Tegan Nicholls, Wal Moore, Luke Wallyn, Peter Wu
Front of House Manager – Janelle Lye
Program – OneCreative
Photos – Wal Moore (Flashmoore)

Cast and Crew Photos

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